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In 2012, after 15 years of working at global advertising agencies, we looked back and worked out what made us win every international advertising award imaginable:

Conversation value.

We decided to start our own company around it.

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December 30th, 2PM reply - retweet
RT @nieuws_media: Campagne Kingsday ´Kerstboom eruit, kamerplant erin!, een consumentenmerk v

December 30th, 2PM reply - retweet
RT @newsuitgeverij: Kingsday organiseert wisseltruc tussen kerstboom en kamerplant #Uitgeverij

December 18th, 2PM reply - retweet
@daanzeelt DANK DAAN!

December 18th, 8AM reply - retweet
Thanks Chelsea! RT @ChelseaChrouser: it was my favorite! Break In Case of Love at First Sight

December 18th, 8AM reply - retweet

December 17th, 5PM reply - retweet
Adweek selects our Flower Council of Holland campaign among best outdoor campaigns of the year!

November 13th, 9AM reply - retweet
Xmas advertising winner?

October 28th, 2PM reply - retweet
"Very contagious" this animation created by @kingsdaylive.

October 10th, 11AM reply - retweet
You gotta love this. Red Bull does not give you actual wings

October 10th, 7AM reply - retweet
Flower Council of Holland “The Flower Effect”: Client: Flower Council of Holland Agency: Kingsday Th...

October 8th, 9AM reply - retweet
RT @bashadebruijn: Een super aardig stukje over de bloemenfilm die ik maakte met @kingsday @wefilm @bloemenbureau

October 7th, 10AM reply - retweet
Nice @InspirationRoom: The Flower Effect wins hearts in UK, France, Germany for Holland @kingsdaylive @bashadebruijn

October 7th, 7AM reply - retweet
Thanks! RT @AmsterdamAdBlog: “Wow, this just made our day!” Amélie-like commercial promoting flowers: @kingsdaylive

October 7th, 7AM reply - retweet

October 3rd, 7AM reply - retweet
RT @LBBOnline: Your Shot: This flower-powered spot from @kingsdaylive & @wefilm’s @bashadebruijn is guaranteed to make you smile. http://t.

October 3rd, 7AM reply - retweet
obrigado RT @BlogFarofaFina: sempre maravilhoso receber, comprar ou dar flores, não acham?! A agência Kingsday, da...

October 2nd, 10AM reply - retweet
tx! RT @AnnemiekvdMast: Goed idee, mooi gemaakt! MINI, born in the Netherlands #MINI #Kingsday

October 2nd, 10AM reply - retweet
Your Shot: This flower-powered spot from @kingsdaylive & @wefilm’s @bashadebruijn is guaranteed to make you smile.

October 2nd, 6AM reply - retweet
Nice coverage for flower Effect! #bbh

September 30th, 3PM reply - retweet
Kingsday maakt online 'Polygoonjournaal' voor Mini

September 30th, 3PM reply - retweet

September 29th, 12PM reply - retweet
nice RT @LBBOnline: Ahh flowers. See their real potential in joyous Dutch Flower Council ad from @kingsdaylive & @wefilm's @bashadebruijn...

September 29th, 8AM reply - retweet
Can't wait RT @EpicaAwards: #Epica2014 welcomes @SizzerAmsterdam @kingsdaylive from Netherlands - see you in #Amsterdam!

September 26th, 11AM reply - retweet
RT @baswelling: Onze eerste samenwerking met @kingsdaylive: The Flower Effect. Wat doen bloemen met je leven? Regie: @bashadebruijn....

September 25th, 7AM reply - retweet
RT @FONKmag: Wat is The #Flower Effect? @kingsdaylive heeft antwoord

September 24th, 2PM reply - retweet
Kingsday maakt online film 'The Flower Effect' voor Bloemenbureau Holland

September 24th, 9AM reply - retweet
Bloemenbureau Holland en Kingsday lanceren online film 'The Flower Effect' #bureaunieuws

August 27th, 11AM reply - retweet
RT @wefilm: Shooting with this beautiful lady in the beautiful city Dijon with @kingsdaylive and our director @bashadebruijn

The 4 Partners who founded Kingsday mid 2011

Sander Volten
Managing Director

Sander Volten is Kingsday's Managing Director and lead singer. Sander used to be known as one of the industry’s youngest hotshots (but that was in our previous, more corporate life). Currently he’s our driving force in business development and architect of Kingsday’s remarkable flying start. Sander was born with cosmopolitan genes, loves wasting time in airports and eating pizza with global CMOs. His goal is clear: to get Kingsday back in the Champions League of international advertising, A.S.A.P.

Sicco Beerda
Creative Director

Sicco Beerda leads the creative floor together with Bram de Rooij. With a background in written journalism, PR and advertising, his focus is on copywriting and the strategies behind creative concepts. A veteran of global interactive advertising, Sicco has created groundbreaking work for Nokia (he was the founding father of the famous Nokia Game Projects) and Volvo. Sicco’s award list includes several Cannes Lions, Epicas, Eurobests, Cresta and Webby awards.

Bram de Rooij
Creative Director

Bram runs our creative floor together with Sicco. Educated as a playwright, he’s well known for turning every brief into a great story. Responsible for globally awarded campaigns like Nokia’s “20 Lives” and Volvo’s “The Hunt”, Bram played a pivotal role in turning our previous agency into a hub for international creative talent. Bram has sat on many international juries (Cannes Lions, Golden Drum, New York Festivals, LIAA).

Eric Ytsma
Strategy Director

Eric "KPI" Ytsma is Kingsday's Strategy Director, responsible for developing our Conversation Value Model. Eric started working on client side, specialising in direct and digital marketing, and served a couple of years as Activation Expert at the Publicis Groupe. Eric is a regular speaker at Universities and has sat on juries at the Cannes Lions, the EFFIE Awards and the Dutch SpinAwards.

Meet the team

In almost three years we’ve grown to a healthy-sized agency that attracts highly talented people. Meet them here on LinkedIn.

Want to join them, and us? Drop us a line!